Thinking Straight

When it feels like your thoughts are out of control or like they're controlling you, starting praising God. Say, "Jesus, You are my Savior. Daddy, I belong to you. You are my King!" Sing from your heart, clap your hands - worship like your mind depends on it, because it does! You'll be amazed at the clarity you receive when you turn to praise instead of letting your thoughts drag you down.


Affection Reflection

We brag about our kiddos because we spend so much time with them, feeling their love, enjoying their uniqueness. This is what happens when we genuinely engage. If our words & attitudes don't reflect this kind of affection for our loving Daddy, it's time for us to take some dedicated time alone to genuinely engage with Him! So listen to the birds, read a Psalm, and bask in His gentle & unconditional grace today.


The Lie of Guilt

A great tragedy is that guilt has become associated with God. Not only is this not one of His choice tools, it's not one of His tools at all! When the Spirit convicts our hearts, the message is not a harsh, "Get this right and then we'll talk," but a gentle, "Hey, see that thing over there? Would you please give it to Me? It's getting in the way of us being closer."

He will take it away or transform it in His power, working within us, not waiting for us to shape up or ship out. We don't try harder - we just let Him get to work.

When the Spirit convicts us, the choice of how to respond is always ours. As are the consequences.