In Praise of Dedicated Mamas

The radio has a growing catalog of songs about girls' low self-esteem. From One Direction's "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" to "You Are More" by Tenth Avenue North, from TLC's "UnPretty" to "More Beautiful You" by Jonny Diaz, our young ladies & our young selves & even our current selves struggle with our worth. Ladies don't own their beauty; they look great but feel lousy. And that is where mamas come in.

We are powerful. We hold the future in our arms each day. God has given us an incredible responsibility, not just to bring life into the world & nurture it, but to infuse it with truth & boldness & a sense of self that does not rely on a cute boy's flirtations.

Mamas, let's purpose to teach our daughters that their Heavenly Daddy, the Creator of Everything, thinks they are fabulous and has an amazing role for them to play. Let's intentionally teach our sons to respect & value others' daughters, knowing they are called to honor these women and will have to answer for every action to their Father, the King of All.

And let's start by believing this message: We are deeply loved and called beautiful by a Man who gave His life for us. We are redeemed & delightful & full of promise & gorgeous. If we believe it, our daughters will see it and believe it for themselves, and our sons will see it and respond to it - in you and the women they meet. And that is how we will change the world, one sensational, Jesus-loving, dedicated mama at a time.