Sacred Setbacks

Life is never a smooth, steady, upward climb toward our own goals. In His wisdom, our loving Daddy interjects other plans, pathways, & lessons for us so we can become the beloved servants He designed each of us to be.



God is our Rescuer. That doesn't mean His rescue will come right away - it depends on what He wants to accomplish in your life through your current trial. Still, He will always protect you from what will destroy that which He plans to accomplish in & through you. He will be your Refuge, He will be right by your side, when you call on Him. (Psalm 91:14-15)


Just As I Am

It seems whenever I start an attempt to better myself, I run into the situation Lisa Simpson encounters in a famous Simpsons episode about pursuing vegan living: There is always a level of commitment higher than my current one.

I want to eat healthier, then discover the all-natural chicken I picked up is not organic. And then the organic chicken I bought was not free-range. And then that free-range chicken in my fridge was not locally raised. Talk about discouraging!

What I'm discovering in my walk with God, though, is that He isn't concerned with me getting to the top level ASAP. When it comes to me, He doesn't take into account that someone out there does three hours of prayer each morning; He loves that I am genuinely seeking conversation with Him. He isn't asking me for a weeklong fast while I'm breastfeeding my toddler. What is He looking for? That I not compare myself with others, but to keep walking in the way He is leading me (Galatians 6:4-5).

So let's banish the concerns about becoming "Level 5 vegans". God loves us where we are at, and He will get us to the next level by His grace & in His time.